Database for CRISPR/Sp-Cas9 off-target assays

Sp-Cas9 protein bound to a double-stranded DNA (blue) guided by an sgRNA (orange). PDB: 4UN3.

Database statistics

crisprSQL contains 17 studies, totalling 154 guides and 25632 targets, 4947 of which have at least one epigenetic marker attached.

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crisprSQL invites submissions of Cas9 off-target indel frequency data, in order to be included in the online database and the benchmark dataset. Please click here.

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About crisprSQL

crisprSQL is a SQL-based database for CRISPR/Cas9 off-target cleavage assays. It is a one-stop source for epigenetically annotated, base-pair resolved cleavage frequency distributions.

This hand-curated dataset can act as an insight into state-of-the-art technologies driving transgenics, inform guide RNA design for genome engineering, and serve as a shared, transparent basis for modelling off-target DNA cleavage of CRISPR/Cas. Attached gene IDs make the high-resolution data usable for informing knockout screens, functional genomics and transcriptomics research.

How To

Have a look at the included studies or browse through the included guide RNAs. From there, clicking on a guide takes you to its off-target profile, complete with epigenetic annotations.

crisprSQL is developed at Oxford University, 2020 – 2022